High performance machinery

Plásticos de Lezo currently boasts premises stretching more than 3,700 m², with the latest technology with automatic feeding and equipped with a robot to collect the parts and sprues.

We have peripheral equipment to complete the automation of the process, including robots, handlers, conveyor belts, automatic and centralized feeding for injection machines, dye, and additive dispensers, desuperheaters for molds and everything required to optimize production processes.

We perform all types of assembly mounting, pad printing, screen printing, screen printing with ultraviolet drying, thermal printing, special seal and ultrasonic welding made up of parts with specific tools, protection of parts in packaging, etc.

We have a comprehensive and extensive fleet of injection machines, ranging from 35 TN to 650 TN in clamping force, for the injection of small high precision parts (micro parts) and large volume parts (up to 2260 g.).


High performance robots

Welding machines

Injection machines

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Raw material

We transform all types of thermoplastic material, from high performance polymers like PPSU to standard materials from the main plastics suppliers.